We're looking for parts!

Have you parted out a BMW, but still have a lot of parts left over, or even have a shell or rolling chassis taking up space in your garage? Have you sold a BMW and still have a set of winter tires, unused oil filters or other accessories still laying around? We are more than happy to evaluate your collection of parts and offer you a good price to buy the lot and take them out of your way. We'll even load it all up for you! If you'd like to get a quote for what you have, give us a call today!      612-356-BMWs      info@recyclebmws.com

Here are some parts that we are especially interested in!

Part DescriptionChassis
M50, M52, S50 and S52 enginesE34,E36,E39
Snow Tires less than 5 years oldmultiple
Plastic E30 bumpersE30
BMW Motorsport partsE30,E36,E46, all
BMW CollectiblesAll
Manual transmissions and related partsAll
M Parallel wheels, Motorsport WheelsAll
BMW Recaro Sport seatsE28,E30
Rust-Free Body PanelsAll
BMW Specialty ToolsAll
Special or unique color partsAll / M
Alpina/Dinan/AC Schnitzer PartsAll
M70/M73 partsE31,E32,E38
All E31 parts (8 series)E31
E36 M3 "Vader" SeatsE36

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