Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning process delivers remarkable results in a very short period of time. Years of baked on deposits and residue are expelled from complex surfaces with no damage to the surface itself. The list of uses is endless, from cosmoline coated intake runners to carbon buildup on cylinder heads and pistons, it universally cleans and restores parts to like new surfaces. There is also a low impact on the environment, with a 97% water based cleaning mixture that is filtered and reused to clean hundreds of parts before it needs to be exchanged with fresh fluid. This process saves ourselves and our clients from countless man hours of labor along with the chemical exposure, very high expense, and harsh environmental impact of solvent based systems.


Along with cleaning our parts as part of the inspection and resale process, we also offer ultrasonic cleaning to shops and retail customers as a walk-in service. Non-automotive related parts are also welcome: small engines, machinery, glass and antiques, sports and hunting equioment, garage sale finds, toys... the list goes on. Call or email us today for a quote on your project.      612-356-BMWs      info@recyclebmws.com


Check out the example below of these 200k mile rods and pistons that came out spotless after a dip in the ultrasonic tank. Results like this are typical with aluminum, metal, rubber, glass and a lot more.


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