Service Experts

BMW Experts & Restoration Shop

Part Installation

As BMW specialists, we work on BMW cars every day. With expert knowledge, custom tools and parts in-stock, we can install the most difficult part and complete any repair with the same day turnaround. Call us to schedule an appointment at the recycleBMWs shop and enjoy our showroom.

BMW Repair Service

Has your BMW been in storage for a year or more, not running well or will not start? Flat tires, clogged air filter, bad fuel, bad spark plugs, whatever it takes, we will restore your BMW  to smooth operation. With all needed parts in stock, we bring your BMW back to life in the quickest timeframe possible.

Diagnostic Testing Service

We have seen it, felt it or heard it before. Using genuine BMW diagnostic software, we identify all problem fault codes and generate factory test plans to identify and resolve fault codes on the transmission, engine, brakes, exhaust or other. 

Aftermarket Electronics

For aftermarket electrical parts and complete sound system service including period-correct radios, speakers and Android based upgrades. Our expert technicians have years of experience designing, installing and interfacing aftermarket BMW electronical systems for the highest quality sound.

Performance BMW Motorsport

With decades of experience in motorsport, driving instruction, autocross and track days, we have the knowledge to create the driving experience you crave. From suspension setup to full track rebuild, we have performance upgrades covered.

BMW Restoration Shop

Bringing your BMW dream car to life! We provide expert, comprehensive and detailed restoration service for classic BMW cars. Following the customer approved plan, we restore or rebuild vintage BMW cars to perfection.

BMW Wheel & Tire Service

Using a Hunter Leverless Tire Machine, we expertly mount and dismount tires on wheels with the highest precision. With a laser-guided balancer, we also balance the wheels and tires to rolling perfection. We have new Michelin, BBS, Continental and OZ tires in-stock with same-day service and turnaround, please call 612-356-2697 to schedule an appointment.

Inspection and Valuation

As the owner of a well-maintained classic BMW or a buyer wanting to ensure the condition of a new acquisition, we professionally determine the value and condition of any BMW vehicle with expert accuracy. Contact us for expert BMW appraisals and evaluations including comprehensive inspections inside, outside and underneath every compartment of the vehicle.