Specialty Service

BMW Specialists & Restoration

BMW Part Installation

As BMW specialists, we work on BMW cars on an every day basis. We install everything from wheels and tires to complete engines. All work is done to preserve and maintain BMW cars for the long-term.

BMW Restoration

Has your BMW been in storage or not running for a year or more? Won’t start, flat tire or bad fuel? Whatever it takes to bring your BMW back to life, we have the experience to do it! We'll get your BMW back on the road in the most reliable and efficient manner possible.

Diagnostic Service

We’ve seen, felt, or heard it all. Complete vehicle diagnosis and repair with same day part turnaround and two-year warranty. Your BMW will get special attention on repairs that fit the budget and keep your BMW on the road.

Aftermarket Electronics

Period-correct radios, replacement speakers, Android-based upgrades, complete sound system service. We expertly upgrade and interface BMW systems to provide complete, reliable and the newest upgrades.

Performance Motorsport

With decades of experience in motorsport, driving instruction, autocross and track days, we have the knowledge to create the experience you crave. From suspension setup to full builds, we have you covered.

BMW Restoration

When it comes to your pride and joy, no corners should be cut. If you’re ready for a major restoration or complete vehicle rebuild, we are ready for you. Let’s build it the way it was, or maybe the way you want it to be.

BMW Wheel & Tire Service

With the 2020 Hunter Leverless Tire Machine, we expert mount and dismount tires onto wheels without any harm done. With the laser-guided balancer, we make sure the wheels are round and ready to roll to perfection. We feature Michelin, BBS, Continental and OZ with same-day turnaround.

Inspection and Valuation

Either an owner wanting to provide documentation of their well-maintained BMW or a buyer wanting to ensure the condition of an acquisition, we can accurately determine the BMW's value and condition. We pay more for your BMW than trade in value and insurance claims because we resale OEM used BMW parts.