We Buy BMWs

Sell your BMW to us, we buy BMWs for the best price, then salvage and recycle the parts for the next generation of Beamers! You get the best price from us for your BMW, more than insurance claims and trade-in value because we recycle and sell the parts. Please text a picture, description and asking price, or schedule an appointment at the shop or a location of your choice.


Are you selling a BMW that has been in an accident, hail damaged or has a blown engine? No problem, we are always on the look out for more BMW cars. From simple interior repairs to a full restoration, these parts keep our enthusiastic customers on the road!


Call us for the BMW Trade in Value and book value, we will make a better offer for your BMW than the trade in value, book value or insurance claim. Insurance Claims for BMW totaled cars, we offer better prices for broken and totaled BMW's than insurance claims because they do not recycle the parts.


We are fully insured with trailers and tow trucks ready to buy all BMW models and years, in any condition, and remove at the same time. If you've been in an accident, had major mechanical issues or don't want to put an ad on Craigslist to sell, call us and text picturesus, we will evaluate your BMW and offer the best price.  With transport capability, we pick up your BMW vehicle at home, repair shop, insurance office or other holding facility.


Please contact us to Sell, Salvage and Recycle your BMW.

Phone:  612-356-2697



We buy the following BMW chassis and models:

*  BMW ///M Vehicles

*  BMW E39 M5
*  BMW E30 any
*  BMW E21 any
*  BMW 2002 and vintage any

* All manual transmission equipped BMWs.

*  E70 X5, F15 X5

*  BMW E60 M5, E63 M6, E64 M6

*  BMW E90/E91/E92/E93 any

*  BMW F10, G30 5 Series
*  "Touring" model Sport Wagons
*  "Collector" vintage BMWs
*  Alcantara and Special Interiors

*  Alpina used cars & parts

*  Dinan cars & parts

*  AC Shnitzer parts
*  BMW E31 8 Series cars & parts

*  Special, Classic and enthusiast BMW models.